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What makes us different?


Every module is packed with full-color photographs, graphics, and videos to help you stay engaged


Each module uses multiple real-life examples to help you relate the content to your own life


Interactive activities are embedded throughout every module to help you check your understanding

Content you can trust

All modules were designed and developed by Dr. Kristi Morin, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral level. Dr. Morin has extensive training in designing and delivering online instruction using best practices in online and adult learning. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of applied behavior analysis and more than 20 years of experience in education.

As a professor and higher education instructor, Dr. Morin knows how to effectively teach complex topics in a way that goes beyond rote memorization. If you are looking for content that is understandable, relatable, and interesting, then ABA Exam Prep Reimagined is right for you!

What's included?

Purchasing ABA Exam Prep Reimagined modules gets you access to engaging, interactive content covering the BACB® 6th Edition Task Content Outline as well these outstanding features.

Downloadable resources

Every module includes downloadable resources such as guided notes, data sheets, graphing templates, and more. See the available modules for a  list of  included resources.

Online community

Purchasing one or more modules gives you access to an online community where you can ask questions, get study tips, form study groups, and receive support from other members. 

Accessible modules

 All modules were designed with accessibility in mind and include features like closed captioning and descriptive alt text. See the full list of accessibility features.

Weekly meetings with instructor

Attend one of Dr. Morin's weekly Zoom office hour sessions to get answers to all of your questions.

Not just for the BCBA® exam

Our modules cover information on the 6th edition of the BCBA® Test Content Outline, so they are perfect for people studying for the BCBA® exam. However, many other people can also benefit from ABA Exam Prep Reimagined modules.

Family Members

Are you a family member of a child who is in ABA therapy and would like to learn more about the terminology and techniques that BCBA®s use? ABA Exam Prep Reimagined can help!

ABA Therapists

RBTs and behavior therapists can improve the quality of the therapy they provide by deepening their understanding of ABA using ABA Exam Prep Reimagined modules. 


Having a deep understanding of ABA can help teachers create a positive classroom environment where students want to learn. And, because the developer of ABA Exam Prep Reimagined is a former classroom teacher, many of the examples and scenarios are highly relevant to teachers. 

College Students

As a college professor, the developer of ABA Exam Prep Reimagined knows how adults learn best. Our interactive modules are the perfect complement to college courses to ensure students gain a deep understanding of ABA content.

Group Discounts Available

You may be eligible for a discount if you are a...
  • university faculty member who wants to use ABA Exam Prep Reimagined in your courses? 
  • clinic director who wants to purchase ABA Exam Prep Reimagined for your staff?
  • district administrator who wants to offer ABA Exam Prep Reimagined to your teachers as professional development?
  • someone with lots of friends who are all studying for the BCBA® exam?

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